What are the event details?
#NamingTheLost: A 24 Hour Covid Vigil will begin on Wednesday, May 20 at 2PM Eastern Time and will close at 2PM Eastern Time the following day, May 21.

You can sign up to watch or be reminded to visit the website at those times. 

If I sign up, do I have to watch for the entire time / What is the appropriate way to interact with this event?
You may join this event for as long or as little as you like. You can come for an hour, leave and return later in the event. But if you are looking for a specific suggestion for how to engage, we invite you to pick a period of time to turn off your phones, maybe light a candle or do something from your own tradition, family history, or background, and practice being present with the name reading for that time.

Why are you organizing this vigil?
The lack of collective mourning during the COVID-19 crisis has left many feeling even more isolated and alone—and created a gap in the public conversation about what is at stake and who is suffering at this time. We know that every person who has died from Covid-19 and it’s impacts was so much more than a number or a statistic and we felt it was important to honor them and the people around them by reading their names, especially in the days leading up to Memorial Day

Who are the organizers of #NamingTheLost?
We are people who have been impacted by COVID-19 and/or those in pastoral roles who have been called to support others in grief. We have lost family members and friends, colleagues and neighbors. We came together from around the United States, especially those areas more heavily hit, with roots from around the world.

What will happen during the vigil?
Over 24 hours, people who have lost someone to the Coronavirus or are part of heavily-impacted communities will be joined by special guests to read the names of as many people as we can name from those lost to COVID-19 and its impacts. (Not all names are known or publicly available). Many of the names we will read are of essential workers – grocery store clerks, delivery people, warehouse workers, nurses, cleaners, doctors, and more. We will also take time to honor those whose names we do not yet know, including nursing home residents, homeless people, people in jails/prisons, and people in rural areas. All of their memories are essential to us.

Can I submit the name(s) from my family or community that have died from COVID-19?
Yes, we have included that question in the registration form.

Will it really go for 24 hours? Why 24 hours?
In many traditions, after a person dies, members of their family or community watch over the body or share in their grief together for a period of time. With physical-distancing making many of these rituals so much harder to do and share with others, we wanted to pick a meaningful amount of time to offer for a collective mourning ritual. This is just one offering among many but one we hope will offer some solace, connection, and reflection to those who need it.

What comes after the #NamingTheLost vigil
This particular group has come together for this event, but will be offering ways for people to stay connected to each other or to organize in rituals or actions in their own communities.