May 20-21 / 2PM to 2PM ET


The 24-Hour Live Stream COVID Vigil has ended, but the work continues.


As we approach Memorial Day, Americans are mourning the 93,000+ of our loved ones and neighbors whose lives have been lost to COVID-19 (and the hundreds of thousands more worldwide). They are our siblings, our parents, our children, our nurses and grocery clerks, our first responders and teachers, they are the working people who do the essential work of keeping our families and communities safe. 

We know it didn’t have to be this way, that our country’s leaders made choices that risked our lives. We know we can choose a different way forward that is about caring for all of us. 

But before we can make the future, we must come together in mourning, united across our differences, to recognize and grieve for the lives lost. By taking 24 hours to read the names of those we have lost, we seek to humanize and honor each person – and those whose names we do not know – at a time when we must be physically apart. Join us for an online vigil starting Wednesday, May 20th at 2PM and finishing 24 hours later on May 21st at 2PM. People who have lost someone to coronavirus or who are from heavily-impacted communities will be joined by special guests to read as many names as they can. All are invited to attend.

We will pull through this pandemic by pulling together. 

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